Armed Stalker Wounded By Return Fire

October 17, 2016: Los Altos Hills, CA: A Georgia man, identified as William Brady, III, was in the hospital after he broke into a woman’s house – and attacked her. The intended victim had a restrainingpolice-car-lights-shooting_atlanta_ga_homeowner_with_shotgun order against Brady.

Brady had been noticed walking up to the California home where his victim had been visiting around 11:00am Рbroad daylight. A woman inside called 911 to report that Brady was outside and that he had been stalking her. Meanwhile, a male resident in the home armed himself.

Brady broke into the house and started firing a handgun at the female, but was injured when he received multiple gunshot wounds from the male resident, who returned fire.

SWAT and police officers piled on the scene and found a wounded Brady outside. He was brought to the hospital and will be facing attempted murder charges upon his recovery. Apparently Brady followed his victim from Georgia to  California Рa frightening scenario indeed. Thank goodness for armed friends!

Yet another example portraying the fact that pieces of paper cannot stop crime by itself. As Wayne LaPierre said, “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

The full story can be found here:

Los Altos Hills Shooting: Wounded Stalking Suspect Identified

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