Concealed Carry

Long-Term Gear Review: Magpul Tejas “El Original” Gun Belt

A couple years ago, Magpul Industries - a company we all know and love - decided to expand their offering lineup to include other items you wouldn't expect to see from a business that built its foundation on  extremely durable and cost-effective rifle accessories. The “Tejas” gun belt line recently was introduced - and it… Read More

Good Samaritan Shoots, Kills AZ Trooper’s Assailant

January 12, 2017, Tonopah, AZ - An Arizona Trooper was responding to a rollover traffic accident involving a badly wounded motorist when the trooper was shot and viciously attacked. The trooper was attempting traffic control when suspect came from an unknown location and shot the trooper once in the shoulder and once in the chest, and then assaulted the… Read More

Video: Gun Shop Owner Shoots Armed Robber

In a follow-up to last week's "Gun Store Owner Kills Armed Robber", surveillance video from inside the shop has surfaced. The video clearly shows the owner of Dixie Gun and Pawn , Jimmy Groover, in the foreground, back to the entrance, and a store employee backs up to him, arms raised, looking at something off camera… Read More

Oklahoma Man Arrested for Carrying AR-15 in public

Hoo boy. An Oklahoma man "going for a walk" was arrested in Enid, OK earlier this month on a misdemeanor charge of "complaint of unlawful carrying of a weapon", after police received six 911 calls and five non-emergency calls reporting a man walking down the sidewalk wearing a camouflage jacket and  carrying a "military-style weapon"… Read More

Smith & Wesson Introduces New M&P 2.0 Pistol

As a diehard fan of the Smith & Wesson M&P series of pistols, I'm going to have to admit I'm more than a little excited about this drop. It seems Smith & Wesson has upgraded their stalwart M&P pistol lineup with a new and improved version M2.0. Chambered in (of course) 9mm and .40 S&W… Read More

Hero With Concealed Firearm Saves Cop

Corporal Michael Wheeler of the Mount Vernon, Ohio Police Department, was making contact with a homeless man when the officer was suddenly attacked. The homeless man, who later confessed to being whacked-out on crystal meth, caught the officer off  guard, knocking Wheeler onto his back. The homeless man then leaped onto Wheeler and straddled him, knocking… Read More

Flashlights: Bro, Do You Even EDC?

With the more recent availability of powerful lithium batteries and better bulb technology, EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlights are starting to become the norm. No longer are meek Mini-Maglites in a nylon belt pouch sufficient. Don't believe me? Just Google "EDC Dump", and check out the images. I am willing to bet that at least… Read More

Not As Planned: Robbery Victim Shot By Responding Police

September 24, 2016 just wasn't Pedro Maldonado's day. Maldonado, 41, was speaking with another person, Raul Delacruz, 48, in the parking lot of an Atlanta apartment complex when they were approached by an unidentified man, and robbed at gunpoint. The suspect demanded money from the pair of men, but Maldonado resisted, and an altercation broke out. The… Read More

The .40 S&W Is a Better Defensive Caliber Than 9mm

Heads up, here it comes! Noted firearms author Wiley Clapp is bucking the trend. In this article from the October 6, 2016 issue of American Rifleman, he stirs the pot and calls out the massive movement towards the 9mm as a carry caliber. While seemingly long on opinion and short of data to back up… Read More

Is The .410 Handgun a Viable Defense Platform?

We live in magical times, folks. The firearms world has never seen such a diverse and stunning array of products that run the gamut from brutally successful to full-on suck.We have weapon-mounted lights, sights that glow in the dark, pistol-mounted RMRs, high-capacity striker-fired handguns, and....410 pistols? The .410 revolver has been developed and marketed as… Read More