Gear Review

Long-Term Gear Review: Magpul Tejas “El Original” Gun Belt

A couple years ago, Magpul Industries - a company we all know and love - decided to expand their offering lineup to include other items you wouldn't expect to see from a business that built its foundation on  extremely durable and cost-effective rifle accessories. The “Tejas” gun belt line recently was introduced - and it… Read More

Details on the U.S. Army’s new Sig Sauer M17 Sidearm

As I'm sure you've heard by now, the U.S. Army decided on January 19th, 2017 that the Sig Sauer entry to the Modular Handgun System competition was selected to be the new standard sidearm, designated M17. The M17, based on the relatively new Sig Sauer P320 (introduced in 2014), will soon be replacing the Army's… Read More

The New Hudson H9 – The Answer to the “Glock vs. 1911” Question?

There must have been too many Glock vs. 1911 memes or arguments online - someone decided to do something about the age-old question. That someone appears to be Hudson Manufacturing, based out of Temple, Texas...and their answer to the question is their new pistol, the H9. Looking rather "Blade Runner" up front and John Moses Browning in… Read More

TBT – Windham Weaponry R18FSFSM-308 Review

I joined a local gun club recently to jump into the 3-gun competitions they hold in the fair-weather months. The Heavy Metal division looks like a lot of fun - a .45 ACP (or larger!) handgun, a   12-gauge shotgun, and, the coup de grace - a .308/7.62x51mm rifle at minimum. And I have the… Read More

Clash of the Shotgun Titans: Remington 870 vs. Mossberg 500

Unless you've been living in a cabin in Siberia your entire life, you've probably heard of the two long-running greats of the pump-action shotgun world, the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500. These two shotguns quite literally revolutionized the pump-action shotgun market upon their introduction, and any competitors in the field just don't seem to… Read More

Full Conceal FC-G17 80% Glock Receiver – Interesting Concept

This one came across my news feed and definitely caught my eye, along with eliciting a "what the....?!? reaction.  A company called Full Conceal, Inc., out of Las Vegas, NV, is offering this spectacular example of thinking-outside-the-box in the firearms industry. The FC-G17 is offered only as an 80% lower receiver, so if you're looking… Read More

Gear Review: Sig Sauer P320 Full Size 9mm

Just about a year ago, I ditched my stalwart M&P platform guns and made the switch to a newcomer in the field, the Sig Sauer P320. I haven't looked back since. While the M&P and other next generation striker-fired polymer-framed handguns were a step in the right direction in terms of ergonomics and adaptability, the new-for-2014… Read More

Top 5 Best Compact 9mm Handguns?

Here's an article pulled from the GunsAmerica blog. It's a couple years old, but it still has the major players. I have shot all the guns on this list (or variations thereof), and personally carry the last listed handgun - a Sig Sauer P320C. Were it up to me, I would have thrown the Springfield XD(M)… Read More

Tactical Gear Review: Sig Sauer MPX-C 9mm Carbine

I was recently able to spend some time with a personal wet dream of a gun, the Sig Sauer MPX-C 16" barreled, collapsible stocked 9mm carbine. The MPX series of 9mm submachine guns are virtual unicorns as of this writing, with the 16" barreled version (read: no tax stamps needed) the newest variant that is… Read More