Next-Generation Combat Rifles

While we are all to one degree or another stalwarts of the platforms we like, it's always great to see what it coming down the pike. Forward-thinking designers are on the ball, addressing issues: revising, rethinking, and redesigning the battle rifle platform, all hoping to make the next big thing. ...and some of this next big thing… Read More

Setting Up An AR-Style Rifle, End of 2016 Edition

I found this article in a social media newsfeed, and it got me to thinking - there really has been a swing towards a standard-type AR rifle setup lately. In the late 2000's - early 2010's, manufacturers really started to branch out with innovative aftermarket AR products, with the appropriate response from the public. All… Read More

Is The .410 Handgun a Viable Defense Platform?

We live in magical times, folks. The firearms world has never seen such a diverse and stunning array of products that run the gamut from brutally successful to full-on suck.We have weapon-mounted lights, sights that glow in the dark, pistol-mounted RMRs, high-capacity striker-fired handguns, and....410 pistols? The .410 revolver has been developed and marketed as… Read More

Full Conceal FC-G17 80% Glock Receiver – Interesting Concept

This one came across my news feed and definitely caught my eye, along with eliciting a "what the....?!? reaction.  A company called Full Conceal, Inc., out of Las Vegas, NV, is offering this spectacular example of thinking-outside-the-box in the firearms industry. The FC-G17 is offered only as an 80% lower receiver, so if you're looking… Read More

Fishing Guide Uses 9mm To Kill Grizzly Bear

In August, Guide Phil Shoemaker was taking two clients to  a small stream which had numerous large male brown bears in the area.  He decided to take his Smith & Wesson 3953 DAO 9mm rather than a larger caliber pistol because the large males are usually less of an issue.  As they approached the stream… Read More