US Kills Top Taliban Leader, Mullah Abdul Salam

The Taliban recently confirmed the United States killed Mullah Abdul Salam, the illegitimate governor of Kunduz. As the governor of Kunduz, Salam was responsible for making Kunduz one of the most unstable regions in Afghanistan. In addition to training and equipping thousands of Taliban soldiers, Salam was responsible for launching an offensive on Kunduz City… Read More

ISIS Destruction in Palmyra is Testament to Their Barbaric Nature

As government forces are preoccupied with taking Aleppo, ISIS militants have retaken the ancient city of Palmyra. While the city is not strategically valuable, it is the home to many archaeological treasures. Palmyra, founded around 2000 BC, is no stranger to war. Among other conquerers, Rome's Mark Antony sieged the city. ¬†Centuries later, Byzantine's famous… Read More

Suicide Bomber Truck Explodes in German Consulate

As US Forces draw down in Afghanistan, the Taliban has stepped in to fill the vacuum. The gradual shift in power has emboldened Taliban forces throughout Afghanistan. Evidently, this is beginning to impact America's NATO allies. A suicide bomber truck bypassed security checkpoints and detonated inside the German Consulate. The attack killed 6 and injured… Read More

The Best Ways To Help Officers In Trouble

I remember reading this article a couple years ago, and so I was glad when the article was reposted, especially in light of recent anti-police officer sentiment such as the Dallas "sniper" incident.¬†With the rising degree of protests, law enforcement targetings, and general rise of anti-cop sentiment, the possibility of a citizen with a concealed… Read More