VIDEO: Armed Robber Shot, Killed While Robbing KFC

Crayton "Big Wes" West, 52, a man with a history of robberies, had the odds catch up with him at a St. Louis Kentucky Fried Chicken last January when he was shot dead by a responding St. Louis PD Sergeant. Surveillance video clearly shows West at the KFC ordering counter wearing a dark hoodie and a… Read More

Not As Planned: Robbery Victim Shot By Responding Police

September 24, 2016 just wasn't Pedro Maldonado's day. Maldonado, 41, was speaking with another person, Raul Delacruz, 48, in the parking lot of an Atlanta apartment complex when they were approached by an unidentified man, and robbed at gunpoint. The suspect demanded money from the pair of men, but Maldonado resisted, and an altercation broke out. The… Read More

ISIS Destruction in Palmyra is Testament to Their Barbaric Nature

As government forces are preoccupied with taking Aleppo, ISIS militants have retaken the ancient city of Palmyra. While the city is not strategically valuable, it is the home to many archaeological treasures. Palmyra, founded around 2000 BC, is no stranger to war. Among other conquerers, Rome's Mark Antony sieged the city.  Centuries later, Byzantine's famous… Read More

When Self-Defense Goes Too Far…Or Does It?

My morning over-coffee interwebs search brought this article from Bearing Arms to my screen. It opens with a raw, graphic video of what clearly appears to be the follow-up to a road rage incident. The security camera film shows a man, identified as  Salman Amar, pulling into a parking spot and starting to get out… Read More

Mob Shouts ‘Don’t Vote Trump’ as They Beat Elderly Man

With the election of Donald Trump, ignorant morons have emerged to engage in violent, disruptive behaviors. Rather than confront others through proper avenues, these thugs have channeled their frustration in unlawful ways. Below is graphic video footage of a mob beating a geriatric man. In the original video, which has since been removed by YouTube… Read More

The 1986 Miami FBI Shootout

With the massive resurgence of the 9mm to the top of the carry gun pile, we have to remember that at one time, the 9mm wasn't exactly so well thought of. Sure, in the early-to-mid 80's we started getting pistols that ran flawlessly with hollowpoint ammunition (and held a ton of it in their magazines)… Read More

Supermarket Security Guard Assassinated For His Sidearm

October 11, 2016 - Greensboro, NC: A tragic tale. While on duty, a uniformed security guard  working at the Greensboro Food Lion store was approached, confronted, and shot at close range in the head without warning by a man who then took the security guard's sidearm and ran off. The suspect made no effort to rob any… Read More