Magnified Optics Vs. Red Dots – Which is Better?

I like to think I have a modicum of common sense, and that the setups I run on my firearms are reasonably well thought-out and work for a variety of scenarios. To that end, though, I love it when an article or some other media comes along and boots me in the butt to remind… Read More

Break Into a Marine Vet’s Home? You’re Probably Gonna Die.

March 30, 2017 - Salt Lake City, UT: When Brian Sant, a Marine Corps veteran, heard the noise at the door around 3am, he knew something was going on. The door to his third-floor apartment was kicked   open, and two men wearing ski masks - one of them brandishing a two-foot-long section of steel pipe… Read More

Homeowner Arrested After Shooting Showering Intruder

A Belfair, Washington homeowner is facing second-degree murder charges after shooting and killing an intruder he found taking a shower in his home. The homeowner came to his office property to conduct business, and noted a screen ripped out of a window and that a door had been forced open. He proceeded into the office… Read More

.45ACP Faceoff – Sig Sauer P220 vs. Glock 21

Here's a fun article I found while sipping my morning coffee and scrolling through one of my favorite sites, thetruthaboutguns.com. It's a showdown you're unlikely to see often...these days, if you hear "Glock vs Sig" you'll probably get in a discussion about the U.S. Army's choice of the Sig Sauer P320 as its new sidearm… Read More

SHOT Show 2017 – New Handguns to Watch For

While I didn't personally make it out to Las Vegas for SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show this year, I've been following several media outlets (including the Survivalist Podcast, who highlighted their experience there this year) to see what the firearms world is bringing to us for 2017.  As far as handguns go, there looks… Read More

Kyle Lamb: Getting A Good Grip

Thought I'd share this great article with you today. It's by the renowned firearms instructor, Kyle Lamb. Kyle Lamb (in case you haven't heard of him) spent 21 years in the US Army, over 15 of which  were with the US Army Special Operations. SGM (retired) Lamb served in combat tours in Mogadishu, Somalia, Iraq (Desert… Read More

Man Tries to Rob Texas Waffle House with AK-47; Gets Shot Instead

Right up there alongside robbing gun shops, robbing a Waffle House in Texas seems to be right up there on the list of "things to not do if I want to survive the day". However, this past July, one genius named Antoine Devon Cooper, 26, of Dallas, decided to do just that. Reportedly, he waltzed… Read More

14 Instances of Sheer Stupid – Robbers Robbing Gun Stores

The classic "Forrest Gump" line comes to mind as I read through this list while shaking my head. I personally would think that trying to rob a gun store would be extremely low on a badguy's list of "Things to do today and survive", but here are fourteen separate cases, spanning from 1962 to 2016… Read More

Smith & Wesson Introduces New M&P 2.0 Pistol

As a diehard fan of the Smith & Wesson M&P series of pistols, I'm going to have to admit I'm more than a little excited about this drop. It seems Smith & Wesson has upgraded their stalwart M&P pistol lineup with a new and improved version M2.0. Chambered in (of course) 9mm and .40 S&W… Read More

Tactical Cache Gear Giveaway!

So big news for this week - Tactical Cache has teamed up with some really dynamite companies for a gear giveaway! You will need a Facebook account to enter. The rules are simple: head to each of the Facebook links provided below for the donating companies below. Once you're there, like and follow each of… Read More