Full Conceal FC-G17 80% Glock Receiver – Interesting Concept

This one came across my news feed and definitely caught my eye, along with eliciting a “what the….?!? reaction.  A company called Full Conceal, Inc., out of Las Vegas, NV, is offering this spectacular example of thinking-outside-the-box in the firearms industry.

FC-G17 with magazine inserted.

FC-G17 with magazine inserted.

The FC-G17 is offered only as an 80% lower receiver, so if you’re looking for the finished, ready-to-buy product, you’ll be waiting a long time, perhaps forever. But for those of you with the wherewithal to purchase and finish-machine the polymer lower, you’ll essentially have a Glock 17 with almost no grip as the end product. And why would we want that?

Full Conceal is marketing the gun as an uber-concealable Glock package, with a magazine carrier attached to the forward light rail. The gun is to be carried with the magazine in the carrier, not in the grip. When the gun is needed, one would have to draw the pistol package, withdraw the magazine, seat it in the minimalist grip frame, rack the slide, and engage.

I, for one, would prefer not to have so many steps involved to bring my ready-to-go firearm to the target, but the small footprint vs. the large capacity and full-length sighting radius is hard to ignore. I really think this package would shine for the survivalists, who want to have a capable firearm in their “Go” bug-out-bags, but don’t want to invest in the size/weight of a full-sized “normal” gun.

Check out more information on the FC-G17 here.

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