Glock Protests U.S. Army Choice of Sig Sauer P320

Maybe Glock is demanding a recount.

It seems that the Austrian company is protesting the U.S. Army’s choice of the Sig Sauer P320 platform for its new sidearm. The P320 was announced as the winner of the XM17 Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition in January 2017, after a multi-year testing and gestation period. Sig Sauer M17 MHS P320

Not much is currently known about the nature of Glock’s protest, but the contract, worth upwards of a reported $580 million, is probably worth going to bat for in Gaston Glock’s eyes. What we do know is that the formal protest puts the U.S. Army’s testing and procurement of the new Sig Sauer platform on hold until the complaint is addressed. the U.S. Army has until June to deal with the protest.

That would be cool (and somewhat modern American) if Glock got the decision reversed because they whined. Yes, that’s sarcasm.

More on the story as it develops, see further information here.


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