Hero With Concealed Firearm Saves Cop

Corporal Michael Wheeler of the Mount Vernon, Ohio Police Department, was making contact with a homeless man when the officer was suddenly attacked. The homeless man, who later confessed to being whacked-out on crystal meth, caught the officer off  guard, knocking Wheeler onto his back. The homeless man then leaped onto Wheeler and straddled him, knocking away the officer’s gear and then going for Wheeler’s duty sidearm. dylan-deboard-hero-concealed-carry-michael-wheeler-mt-vernon-oh

People were standing all around, but only one person came to the officer’s aid, and that man, Dylan DeBoard, had a concealed handgun. He drew the gun, leveled it at the attacker, and announced his presence to the officer. BeBoard did everything right, and his presence caused enough of a distraction for Wheeler to reverse the situation, and apprehend his attacker.

“I wish a lot more of society would do what he did,” Corporal Wheeler said, “There were people standing around, but they were just watching. I kept wondering why people didn’t do anything.”

The Mount Vernon PD gave DeBoard a commendation for his assist in saving Corporal Wheeler’s life.

Read the full story here.

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