Illegal Immigrant Charged With Murder Released Despite ICE Notice

nathan-valdez-ever-valles-3Ever Valles, a suspect in the murder of Tim Cruz, was released by Denver Jail officials in December. The release of Valles is controversial as ICE intended to take Valles into federal custody due to his status as an illegal immigrant. ICE has acknowledged the failings of the Denver Sherriff’s Department.

Since the release of Valles, Denver District Attorney Beth McCann formally charged Valles and another man, Nathan Valdez, with first degree robbery, murder in the first degree, second degree kidnapping, and second degree kidnapping-gun. Valles was also charged with four counts of aggravated robbery-gun.

mayor_hancock_sanctuary_cityAs of now, a man suspected of robbery, kidnapping, and murder is roaming free due to the non-compliance of Denver Jail officials. While it is conceivable this was done out of a clerical error, it seems unlikely. Just weeks ago, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock welcomed the label of “sanctuary city”. More explicitly, he said:

“If being a sanctuary city means that our law enforcement officers are expected to do the work of federal immigration authorities, or violate the constitutional rights of any of our people, we reject that.”

In light of the Valles fiasco, Mayor Hancock is sending the wrong message. Although it is crucial constitutional rights of citizens are not violated, city officials must be compliant with ICE. Municipal officials have a duty to protect their citizens from violent illegal aliens.


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