Man Tries to Rob Texas Waffle House with AK-47; Gets Shot Instead

waffle-houseRight up there alongside robbing gun shops, robbing a Waffle House in Texas seems to be right up there on the list of “things to not do if I want to survive the day”. However, this past July, one genius named Antoine Devon Cooper, 26, of Dallas, decided to do just that. Reportedly, he waltzed into the DeSoto, TX,   Waffle House at 2:30 am with an AK-47, and started robbing the customers. Cooper made off out the door with cash from various customers and the register. However, one (just one? C’mon, Texas!) customer with a concealed handgun followed him.

The customer (who was worried about the safety of his arriving wife) challenged Cooper in the parking lot, and Cooper turned and pointed the rifle at our hero. Our hero predictably riddled Cooper, who was found in the parking lot by arriving police. Cooper was transported to a nearby hospital and was on life support, presumably in pretty rough shape. DeSoto police posted social media pictures of a hospitalized Cooper’s tattoos to identify the man. I can’t find any further information on Cooper’s fate, but the case was being referred to a grand jury. The man with the concealed weapon was not arrested.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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  • Bert January 6, 2017, 8:41 pm

    Now he is a good criminal.


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