Mother Shoots Home Invader 5 times in the Face and Neck – Invader Survives

In the post I made about .40 S& W being a better defensive choice over the 9mm, we had a reader comment, “bottom line… shoot someone in the face with anything at all and theyll at the very least be distracted to where you can shoot them again. so, shoot what you like but shoot it well. that is all.” revolver-38-special-paul-ali-slater-shooting-shot-home-defense

Well, here’s validation for the reader’s point. It is, however, also validation that you need to practice marksmanship and have an effective caliber and effective ammunition. A lowly and not-very-cool-these-days .38 revolver worked perfectly and allowed the homeowner to escape uninjured.

January 2013, Loganville, Georgia – Paul Ali Slater decided he should rob a house. He chose his target, and walked up to the front door. He rang the doorbell multiple times. When nobody answered the door, he used a crowbar to force the door and gain entry.

While the doorbell was being rung, the homeowner inside, a 37-year-old mother with 9 year old twins, called her husband,  called 911, and holed up in a closet with her children and a .38 revolver.

Slater started ransacking the house room by room, and soon came to the closet where the homeowner, her children, and a revolver were waiting.

“He opens the closet door and finds himself staring down the barrel of a .38 revolver,” Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The homeowner pulled the trigger five times at close range – her bullets found their mark. Paul Ali Slater was hit five times in the face and neck, and collapsed to the floor crying. The woman told his to stay down, or she’d shoot him again.

The homeowner collected her children, and they retreated to a neighbor’s house. Meanwhile, Slater got up, evacuated the house, (!) and drove away from the scene in his car (!!). However, he didn’t get very far – he crashed into a wooded area and collapsed exiting the car. Slater was fighting for life when police arrived, arrested him, and transported to a nearby hospital. A judge sentenced Slater to prison for 20 years, only 10 of which he has to serve. He was also banished from Walton County.

Read the story here.

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