Next-Generation Combat Rifles

While we are all to one degree or another stalwarts of the platforms we like, it’s always great to see what it coming down the pike. Forward-thinking designers are on the ball, addressing issues:┬árevising, rethinking, and redesigning┬áthe battle rifle platform, all hoping to make the next big thing.

Sig Sauer 556XI Standard

Sig Sauer 556XI Standard

…and some of this next big thing shit is pretty cool. Lots of neat stuff on this list; I especially like the Colt LE901-16S. it’s not a radical departure from the known, but it’s an AR-style platform that lets you switch between .223/5.56x45mm and .308/7.62x51mm.

So fire up a cup of hot coffee, sit back and check these next-generation rifles out.┬áColt, FN, Sig Sauer, DPMS – lots of big names have big ideas. It’s a great way to start your Monday.

Check out the rifles here.


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