Not As Planned: Robbery Victim Shot By Responding Police

September 24, 2016 just wasn’t Pedro Maldonado’s day.

Maldonado, 41, was speaking with another person, Raul Delacruz, 48, in the parking lot of an Atlanta apartment complex when they were approached by an unidentified man, and robbed at gunpoint. The suspect demanded money from the pair of men, but Maldonado resisted, and an altercation broke out. The robber fled the scene with an unknown amount of cash, and Maldonado gave chase, firing a gun at the robber.gbi2-atlanta-pedro-maldonado-police

Meanwhile, an unnamed off-duty Atlanta Police officer had just finished his shift when he heard gunshots. The officer responded to the shooting, and saw a Hispanic male running with a gun in his hand. Authorities say that the responding officer fired multiple times at the man, hitting the man – who turned out to be Maldonado pursuing his robber – at least once in the chest. Empty shell casings from an unrecovered firearm were also found at the scene, and the suspect is still at large.

Maldonado was transported to the local hospital, where he was in stable but critical condition – I could not find any further information on Maldonado’s recovery. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation took over the case, as is standard with officer-involved shootings.

Read the Georgia Bureau Of Investigation report here.



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