Oklahoma Man Arrested for Carrying AR-15 in public

Hoo boy. An Oklahoma man “going for a walk” was arrested in Enid, OK earlier this month on a misdemeanor charge of “complaint of unlawful carrying of a weapon”, after police received six 911 calls and five non-emergency calls reporting a man walking down the sidewalk wearing a camouflage jacket and russel-andrew-anderson-ar-15-ar15-enid-oklahoma-ok carrying a “military-style weapon” against his chest.

The man, identified as Russell Andrew Anderson of Hunter, OK, was confronted by two Enid, OK police officers – Mike Atchley and Brett Moore – and was taken into custody after two area schools were put on lockdown when citizens reported him walking nearby. Andersen stated that he openly carries his rifle in his home town frequently, and that he had a concealed weapons permit for the two pistols also in his possession. The AR-15 he was carrying had a fully loaded magazine, but did not have a chambered cartridge.

Oklahoma’s Self-Defense Act allows for the carrying of handguns in the name of protection, but not long guns. When Anderson was taken into custody, he had in his possession one AR-15 rifle, two handguns – one a 1911, and another smaller handgun, along with three knives. From the picture in the news article, there appear to be seven topped-off magazines for the 1911, and many 30-round magazines for the AR-15 as well. “Hundreds of rounds of ammunition” were reported in the local news story.

Anderson went into custody without incident, and stated that if he violated the law he will accept the consequences.

What can we learn from this? While I am 100% in support of open-carry laws, and exercising those laws and the right we have to bear arms, I am also 100% in support of doing it correctly. Know your local laws and comply within them, lest you give the gun rights movement a black eye. Also, know your area, and the consequences of carrying a firearm where you are. Chances are this man could have gotten off with a warning, maybe only having his long gun taken to be picked up at a later date, if he hadn’t caused two schools to be locked down and local citizens to be alarmed. People take this stuff seriously, folks, and if you cause a disturbance or put people at risk, you’ll have your rights stripped from you. Be smart and evaluate your situation; you likely don’t need to take your AR-15 with multiple loaded mags for a walk in suburban America. Now this guy will be lumped in with the Texas Chipotle jokers, or worse, labeled a probable school or mass shooter, and used as an example for  anti-gunners. He really didn’t seem like he was up to any harm and was fully compliant with the police. KNOW YOUR LAWS!

Read the full news report here.

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  • Roger January 1, 2017, 7:46 pm

    Let’s get this right, the armed citizen didn’t cause two schools to be locked down, panicking liberals did! This illustrates the problem with every little town, city, district, county, parish, state, etc. making their own rules regarding gun control, which is a federal right supposedly guaranteed (shall not be infringed upon?) by the constitution of the United States. Though the feds only seem to enforce the laws they choose to (i.e. immigration), just how can we be sure since they tend to be secretive and the mass media seems to make-it-up-as-they-go! IMHO, the only solution is constitution carry, the right to bear arms concealed or openly any where in the U.S. without having to deal with the local LEO’s on their power trips! Do you think the first citizens of this country panicked when someone carried a musket down the main street? I’ll bet not! The liberals and by extension the mass media has created a very bad public image of the armed citizen and drove it in with constant repetition, whether it is true or not means nothing to them! GLAHP! (Good Luck and Happy Prepping!) May as well enjoy yourself if only to piss them off!


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