Father Shoots Home Invader Holding Daughter Hostage

A St. Louis, MO man found himself in an ugly situation when a pair of armed thugs took his teenaged daughter hostage with a gun to her head and tried to force themselves inside the house. The father, a gun owner, sig-sauer-p320c-9mm-best-concealed-carry-compact opened fire on the perps, and killed one DRT; the other badguy drove off in the getaway car but eventually had to check into the hospital with grievous chest and leg wounds. The mother also accessed a firearm and fired one shot.

While the situation’s likelihood of happening is low, this is absolutely every parent’s worst nightmare. Could you make the shot? Does your family have a plan to counter armed intruders? Does your spouse/SO know how to use a firearm? Even basic planning will go a long ways towards defending yourself and your family from a similar threat.

Check out the new story here:

Dad Shoots, Kills Man Who Had Gun To Teen Daughter’s Head

Then head to this page and check out the analysis and comments section – there are some good ideas for family coordination and planning.

Man Shoots Home Invaders With Gun To Daughter’s Head. Would YOU Take The Shot?

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  • keebler November 4, 2016, 9:24 pm

    here in VA. you would be arrested & Jailed—BECAUSE YOUR life wasn’t threatened just your daughters.sad But ,Thains in VA are NOT right-look at out governor/


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