Suicide Bomber Truck Explodes in German Consulate

ptsd_nowhere_baseAs US Forces draw down in Afghanistan, the Taliban has stepped in to fill the vacuum. The gradual shift in power has emboldened Taliban forces throughout Afghanistan. Evidently, this is beginning to impact America’s NATO allies. A suicide bomber truck bypassed security checkpoints and detonated inside the German Consulate. The attack killed 6 and injured 120 more. As of now, Germany leads the NATO presence in Northern Afghanistan. This most recent attack could force Merkel and others to reconsider Germany’s role in Afghanistan. ┬áNavigating the fragile situation in Afghanistan will be one of Trump’s largest foreign policy issues when he takes the White House. The Trump White House must be wary of another Islamic Caliphate emerging from the ruins of unstable democracy. What’s more troubling: the US will have to ensure the conflict in Afghanistan does not spill into nuclear-armed Pakistan.

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