TBT – Windham Weaponry R18FSFSM-308 Review

I joined a local gun club recently to jump into the 3-gun competitions they hold in the fair-weather months. The Heavy Metal division looks like a lot of fun – a .45 ACP (or larger!) handgun, a  windham-weaponry-logo-ar-15-src 12-gauge shotgun, and, the coup de grace – a .308/7.62x51mm rifle at minimum. And I have the perfect rifle for it – a Windham Weaponry R18FSFSM-308.

I got this rifle a couple years ago for a review, and really fell in love with the slightly unorthodox design – an 18″ fluted barrel with a Magpul MOE fixed rear stock was an interesting combo, and I found that it’s really a nicely-balanced combination. I hunted with the rifle, and it worked splendidly on a young Maine whitetail buck.

The rifle now usually is my “truck gun”, and rides with me in a locked case with a complement of Magpul 20-rounders. It has proven very accurate with a couple handloads, and still does not sport an optic, by choice – just a set of Windham Weaponry flip-up BUIS. I installed an extremely effective Gemtech muzzle brake to help keep muzzle jump down. I can hit coyote-sized targets with the open sights offhand at 150 + yards with zero problem, and it still sometimes makes a winter snowshoe trek into the woods with me if I know there are yodel dogs about. I know it sure does make me feel better about my own security knowing I have a .308 rifle riding in the truck…and nothing says “I don’t approve of what you’re doing” like 60 rounds of .308.

But, I’m enthusiastic about trying the Heavy Metal 3-gun division out with this rifle; maybe Santa will bring me a Vortex Strike Eagle and a crap-ton of ammo for Christmas.

Check out my review here; anyone reading this running something similar on 3-gun shoots?

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