The Wisdom of Jeff Cooper: The Carbine Compromise

For today’s article, I wanted to bring some lore of yesteryear to the table. Col. Jeff Cooper, one of the most respected names in the gun world, past, or present, wrote this article and it was originally featured carbine_compromise_1966_jeff_cooper_ar15_vs_remington_600_gunsammoin the October, 1966 issue of “Guns & Ammo” magazine. Mr. Cooper tackles the issue of the carbine – a lightweight, short rifle – probably in a prelude to his founding of the iconic “Scout Rifle” concept. In this article (link to article below), Mr. Cooper reviews a few different examples of carbines, and analyzes each rifle’s level of usefulness – in comparison to the role he felt a carbine should fill.

It’s a great read, and you’ll notice that though the rifle offerings have changed, the basic missions have not. Also note the new-in-1966 “far out” AR-15 is included and compared to other rifles such as the also-then-new Remington 600.  Proving that not all gun writers are infallible, Col. Cooper drips praise all over the Remington 600, but seems to barely tolerate the upstart AR-15’s place in the field…now, 50 years later, how many of you have heard of the Remington 600, let alone plan on using one as a battlefield carbine?

the times, they have changed, but the needs we have for rifles have not. Check out the article – some of the rifles he lists might surprise you.

The Carbine Compromise – Guns & Ammo


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