Throwback Thursday: Tips On Staying Alive When The Bullets Start To Fly

A couple years ago, I wrote the following article on our sister site, It followed in the wake of a short-lived killing spree by a married couple in Las Vegas, Nevada in June, 2014.   In a nutshell, the couple ambushed and shot two cops for the officer’s sidearms, then invaded the local Wal-Mart, firing a shot in the air and yelling about the beginning of a “revolution”.

Photo by Facebook/Breitbart

The killers. Photo by Facebook/Breitbart

By Drew, a contributing author of Survival Cache & SHTFBlog

A citizen in the Wal-Mart, who was carrying a legally owned and legally concealed handgun, decided to confront the male suspect who had fired the shot in the air.  The citizen drew his handgun and challenged the murderer. Unbeknownst to this good Samaritan, the gunman’s wife had circled behind him, and tragically killed the good guy with a shot in the abdomen.

The killers then proceeded into the Wal-Mart, where they were eventually killed by responding SWAT teams or committed suicide – I don’t know that the story ever came to a full, truthful resolution of what happened to the couple inside that Wal-Mart. (I even remember a couple conspiracy theories that this couple was tied to the FBI). However, as a fellow citizen who carries a concealed firearm, the story brings some harsh realities to the forefront – and some of these realities are not very easy pills to swallow.

Check out the link below to the full article on SHTFblog for my analysis of the circumstances of the Las Vegas Wal-Mart shooting, and what it means for people who carry concealed firearms.

SHTFblog: Tips On Staying Alive When The Bullets Start To Fly 

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