VIDEO: Armed Robber Shot, Killed While Robbing KFC

Crayton “Big Wes” West, 52, a man with a history of robberies, had the odds catch up with him at a St. Louis Kentucky Fried Chicken last January when he was shot dead by a responding St. Louis PD Sergeant.

Surveillance video clearly shows West at the KFC ordering counter wearing a dark hoodie and a heavy coat. West hands the KFC employee a bill to pay for some food or make change, and when the till drawer was opened, West produced a pistol and reached across the counter to grab the register money. The KFC employee ran off camera.

West collects the dough and runs out of the building, but was met at the door by two responding SLPD police officers who were in the area monitoring a peaceful Martin Luther King Jr memorial gathering. A store customer had run out of the building while calling 911, and flagged down the officers to tell them about the robbery.

According to police reports, the responding sergeant yelled, “don’t do it!” multiple times, but West raised his handgun at the officers. The sergeant fired his duty Sig Sauer P229 .40 caliber pistol twice, hitting West both times. West retreated back inside the building, but didn’t make it far. He collapsed by the counter and was pronounced dead at the scene.

St. Louis Circuit attorney Jennifer Joyce stated that charges would not be filed against the officer, who acted in a clear case of self-defense.


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