Video: Gun Shop Owner Shoots Armed Robber

In a follow-up to last week’s “Gun Store Owner Kills Armed Robber”, surveillance video from inside the shop has surfaced. The video clearly shows the owner of Dixie Gun and Pawn¬†, Jimmy Groover, in the foreground, back to the entrance, and a store employee backs up to him, arms raised, looking at something off camera. The perps come into view, pistols raised at the pair of employees.

Jimmy Groover must have had the pistol on him, for he presents a pistol and opens fire before the criminals can react. Amidst a hail of bullets and broken glass, Groover almost immediately hits one robber with a solid hit, and the bad guy drops on the spot, to be pronounced dead at the scene. The other robber fled the scene.

This video shows the value of having your sidearm on your person at all times, instead of being placed strategically near a cash register, in a safe, etc.¬† If Groover’s handgun had been at the register behind him, he would have had to take a couple steps under gunpoint, then tried to either distract an armed robber, or out-draw a drawn gun. Either scenario likely would have ended in disaster for Groover, instead of ending in disaster for the bad guy.

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