VIDEO – Illinois Bank Robber Killed By Security Guard In Gunfight

This past week, Rockford, IL police and the Winnebago County’s States Attorney office finished their review of the deadly bank-robbery-turned-gunfight that ended once a Metro Security guard shot and killed a man who burst into a local bank and fired his gun in the air.

Video surveillance shows the suspect, 34-year-old Lawrence L. Turner exit his vehicle with a mask, bag, and gun, and enter the Alpine Bank in Rockford. Turner burst through the entry doors, fired a shot into the air that sent almost all of the bank employees running and diving for cover. However, one man, Metro Security guard and former Winnebago County Deputy Brian Harrison, stayed on his feet and upped the ante on Turner. The robber leveled his gun at the security guard, and advanced aggressively.

Harrison drew his sidearm and opened fire without hesitation as Turner rushes for cover against the teller desk and exchanges short-range gunfire with the security guard. Harrison is seen reaching around the desk with a pistol in one hand, and fires at the suspect at about six feet. He appears to hit Turner, who rolls away from the desk in an effort to flee. The guard continues to fire at the suspect, apparently even clearing a malfunction of sorts at the 0:56 mark. Turner dives out the exit vestibule, and collapses. The would-be robber was pronounced dead at the scene after taking two hits. The whole incident from entrance to collapse of the suspect, is over in about thirteen seconds.

The suspect, Lawrence L. Turner, who apparently had drugs in his system, was linked to other armed robberies in the area, after police were able to use physical and scientific data to connect the pieces.

Harrison was cleared of all charges. “”They are taught generally to shoot center mass in the body,” said Chief Dan O’Shea with the Rockford Police Department. “This is a very dynamic, active situation and he’s doing what he was trained probably for 30 years to do and it was eliminate and take care of the threat.”

I’d say mission accomplished. Hats off to this veteran security guard for saving lives and doing his job.

Read the news report here.

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