Homeowner Blasts Invader While On The Phone With 911 (audio)

A Sunrise, FL homeowner named Warren Darlow called 911 last week when he saw a car pull into his driveway and three males got out, walking towards the house. The homeowner did not know any of the males, and was worried that they were there to rob his house. Darlow reported to the dispatcher, “I got three black males at my house. Two jumped out. They’re getting ready to jump the fence.”

With shotgun in hand, he whispered to the 911 dispatcher, “help, they’re in my house right now” when he heard the suspects break the glass to his back door.

The next sound on the 911 audio is Darlow firing three shots from his shotgun, killing one of the intruders, 21-year-old Albert Jones. The two other suspects, 23-year-old Jose Coleman and 26-year-old Curtis Jefferies, were not hit and ran from the scene, but were later apprehended by the police and are now facing murder charges.

Read the full story here.

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