What is the Future of the Firearms Industry Under Trump?

As of today, December 6th, 2016, gun owners theoretically have a couple easy years ahead of them: Donald Trump, who has seemed to be an ardent gun rights advocate, will be entering the Oval  trump-gun-firearm-industry-future-republicanOffice in just about a month, and the House and Senate are controlled by the traditionally gun-friendly Republican Party. President Obama, who has been labelled the best gun salesman in history, is on his way out the door.

But that’s the problem for the firearms industry, isn’t it? Without a dominant party being able to do much but stamp their feet and whine for further gun control, many gun owners or to-be gun buyers won’t feel the urge, the danger lurking around the corner – complacency could easily set in. I know in my circles – which include many typical types of gun owners – collectors, preppers, hoarders, hunters, target shooters – people are already talking about being able to “take a break” from having to buy guns simply because they are afraid of rights being stripped. I know people who ¬†have maxxed the credit cards on magazines, ammunition, optics, and guns simply because they were genuinely afraid that Hillary would win the Presidency, and we’d be facing another “assault weapons ban” or other similar sweeping infringements – even confiscation.

Without the danger and the urge to buy, the firearms industry possibly will have to curtail innovation research and new products, simply because the sales might not be there. There is a huge overload of guns on the market right now – especially for AR-15s – and prices have been driven down simply because people who were going to buy guns probably already did any time Obama opened his mouth about gun control. Smith & Wesson, the company many news sources seem to follow, has had a topsy-turvy past couple weeks in the stock market for this very reason.

However, I know of other people who are already making plans of taking advantage of the firearms glut in the market, and loading up on inexpensive accessories and guns, just to stow away for the dark day that may come in our future when the good guys don’t control things anymore.

So what do you think? Will you be sitting back and seeing how things unfold? Did you make the play and buy a gun, or are you planning on taking advantage of the over-burdened firearms market? Will the firearms industry thrive, maintain status quo, or wither under Trump and the next couple years of smooth coasting? Comment below!

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  • Roger December 26, 2016, 11:07 pm

    Personally, I think the gun industry has been shooting itself in the foot for several years now by feeding on people’s fears (some all too justified, deport or imprison Hillary now!) and increasing the price of both firearm and especially firearm accessories by leaps and bounds. Just as the oil industry used a ‘oil shortage’ scare to double, triple, quadruple, etc. gas prices, the big gun makers have helped create a ‘shortage’ of ‘future firepower’! Can you even buy a descent new hunting rifle for under a grand? As far as innovation, all I see (besides much higher prices) are the same weapons in different (sometimes oddball) calibers, and then there’s the ‘Curve’! Whatever! Some areas such as my personal favorite in combination guns (rifle/shotgun combos) actually seem to be losing ground. What happened to guns like the Crossfire (hopefully the right name) which featured a side-by-side medium caliber rifle and shotgun combination that independently pumped and fired. As a military firearm hopeful, a semi-auto version was said to be in the works. I believe that was in the ’90’s, talk about slow R&D! And what about the .22LR ammo shortage? Tell people that there’s a shortage (supposedly because the military/government was buying it all up, very little military application IMHO) and soon everyone who can afford it is hoarding every .22LR they can get their hands on. I have a friend who even took out a second mortgage on his house to pay for a quite-large quantity of many soon-to-be-unavailable calibers. I laughed at him telling him that now the government would come to him for resupply, hopefully it’s a joke! GLAHP!


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