Zeroing Your AR-15

So you have your shiny new AR-15 and your stash of Magpul P-Mags and a case of ammo. The accessories you wanted are bolted on, and you’re ready to get this puppy dialed in. You type into your phone “best way towindham_weaponry_flip-up_buis_rear_sight_vs_magpul_mbus sight in AR-15″ and you promptly get approximately nine million websites and forums with mall ninjas and keyboard commandos, each with a different opinion on the best way to zero the sights on your AR-15.

True, there are several accepted ways to work the trajectory so that the rifle is dialed in at two different distances – one close, one far away. What you choose┬áis a matter of personal preference based on how you will be using your rifle. But if you’re looking for the mechanics on how to actually get this job done, grab your AR-15 sight tool and head to the article below. It’s no-nonsense and explains how and why AR sights work, then helps you get the rifle dialed in for a useful distance. It’s a great article for the new and learning, or the seasoned veteran who needs a refresher.

Read the article from the NRABlog here:

America’s Rifle: Zeroing Your AR-15

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  • Johnny Holmes November 4, 2016, 3:40 am

    Good find. Everyone with their red dot sights, everyone forgets the basics.


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