45 ACP Face off – Sig Sauer P220 vs. Glock 21

SIGP 220 vs Glock 21

Here’s a fun article I found while sipping my morning coffee and scrolling through one of my favorite sites, . It’s a showdown you’re unlikely to see often…these days, if you hear “Glock vs Sig” you’ll probably get in a discussion about the U.S. Army’s choice of the Sig Sauer P320 as its new sidearm, and Glock’s protesting of the decision.

Or maybe you’ll get pulled into the raging Glock 19 vs. Sig P320 vs. gun X in a toe-to-toe striker fired “best of” discussion. They’re all well and good and valid arguements to be had – we all enjoy them.

However, this article pits two unlikely contenders against each other – the stalwart Sig Sauer P220 and the chunky Glock 21. Apart from the chamberings, the color (black, baby!) and the central European heritage, these two pistols couldn’t be more different. The svelte P220 is the culmination of years of Swiss precision, quality, and experience making finely-tuned shooting machines; it has a buttery smooth DA/SA trigger system, and single-stacked 8 round magaines.

The Glock 21 is a blocky beast, stuffing 13 rounds of the fat little .45 rounds into a polymer frame, with no frills, just aim-and-pull simplicity.

There are fans on both sides of the table – and fans of and know However, these are both stunningly great combat pistols, and I’d feel confident with either on my side.

But the P220 is better. There, I said it.

What’s your take? Re!

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