Recce Rifle


The term ‘recce’ indicates a British Commonwealth slang for reconnaissance. The central focus of the Renaissance team was that of being a minimalist. That means being watchful of those factors with the tendency of signaling the entrance of an opposer as fast as possible while providing useful information about the place and position of the fight. Such a considerable task needs lightweight and versatile equipment as often as it is required. And this thought has spread to all aspect of the Renaissance.

The only excellent material that has stood the test of time is no other than the recce rifle. This rifle has undergone several stages of evolution over the years. Let’s examine the various aspects of this gun and see what makes it unique as it claimed.

The Naval Surface Welfare Center Crane developed the first bcm recce rifle when they needed a lightweight weapon with a greater lethality compared to the M4 carbine. More significantly, they needed a gun that was far versatile than the many options available. However, they could only come up with the MK12 MOD 1 and MOD 0 SPR.

MK12 Recon Recce Rifle

But it was only used to serve the purpose it was made for; although it is still in use today, its reign has been overthrown by more versatile rifles. Other rifles produced by the team subsequently were the M14EBR, M110, AR10, and SR25. These ar15 rifles were in the same category with the recce rifle, but they still possessed notable difference in caliber.

Today, the recce rifle has undergone several changes, coupled with the fact that there are no specific guidelines for determining whether a rifle is a recce or not. It is produced in different versions and known to have some peculiar characteristics.

Before now, optics was the primary determinant of a rifle choice with the 1- power optics. But recently, 1-8 powers are now the new trend. These optics are characterized by bullet drop compensating reticles that cause some distances. This is usually100 meters. Focal planes are tremendous here with higher production quality and cost, but they don’t usually feature the addition of the red dot optic. With this, a user can leave the focal point at the stage of its maximum magnification.

A barrel profile is usually a subject of debate, and a recce rifle is required to have 16”-18” barrel length to guarantee quality performance. But the barrel length of 16” with a mid-length gas system could be better. Heavy barrels are not a perfect option because the rifle is not intended for long use. If you need to use a rifle for an extended period, you will need that lightweight rifle.

Generally, the rifle with the mid-length gas system is a great option. Such guns are usually precise and stable to make it easier to get a shot accurately. They are perfect for mid-range and shots for long distances. But for a carbine length gas system, it tends to create more recoil than the mid. Although, it is reliable.

The recce rifle specs ought to have a rail system that flat freely to enable it to achieve the high level of accuracy that is expected of it. To keep the weight low to a desirable extent, you might need the lock-based model or the key model. Depending on the equipment, you might instead choose an adjustable stock to ensure great versatility when shooting. But you can’t do without a great magazine, sling, and a trigger.

Other things such as lights, night vision, lasers and the type of ammunition can be varied. Rifles and shooting pattern will continue to fade out and be introduced as there is more advancement in technology. But the primary goal is to use it to achieve its main purpose.

How to Configure a Recce Rifle

How to Configure Recce Rifle

If you are familiar with survivalist prepping or shooting sports, you might be used to the saying that ‘there is no one rifle for every scenario.’ To a great extent, that statement is true. The kind of rifle that has been configured to release targets at 400 yards will not be great for indoor shootings. It can be challenging to find a gun with such settings because the long-and-short-range applications require different configurations. The recce rifle originated from several attempts by the US army to produce a gun that can perform diverse functions.

The specs op world of the 1990s were seeking a set of an AR platform that will help them to enclose targets in a close range and distances up to 600yards. For the next couple of years, the Navy and the Army were focused on the pursuit of such weapons. To date, the MK12 SPR is still used by the Navy Seals and the Army Rangers as well.

The AR platform has been re-designed to meet up with the demands of both short-term and long-term engagements. Designing a military replica is a different ball game while a recce rifle during abundant supplies of AR parts and other accessories is easy.


Barrel Recce Rifle

The recce rifle needs a suitable length that will enable its shot at tough distant targets. Aside from this, its length should be short enough to be able to swindle between doorways and tight alleys during a close quarter gun confrontation. Due to this, a barrel with a length of 16” is just perfect. A twist rate of 1.7 is nice to enable the barrel’s release of heavier bullets that will be effective for long distances.

Conventional recce rifles are characterized by stainless steel barrels due to the high level of accuracy. When they neglect the chrome lining, they can complete the rifling of a barrel to a higher level of consistency.


Handguard Recce Rifle

The recce rifle is perfect when combined with a lightweight handguard. This is because of the ease of gripping and the better mobility offered by the handguard in the field. When it comes to choosing between keymod and M-lock, manufacturers are tilting towards the Mlock because of recent military reforms. The keymod is still sought after in the gun market. Also, it is pertinent to note that the recce rifle does not demand a large amount of rail mounted accessories.

Backup Sights

Backup Sights Recce RIfle

The recce rifle configuration is not complete without the backup iron sights. It can be best described as a scoped rifle. But it is vital to have iron sight in case any harm occurs to the scope. The Magpul Mbus Flip up sights area is a great choice because it folds very well and is of good quality.


Foregrip Recce Rifle

You will need to add a foregrip to a lightweight handguard to ensure quality control. This will enable you to place more rounds on the target easily. There are different types of foregrip presently on the market. They range from vertical grip models and the AFG2 angled grips. However, it depends on your choice and the one that suits your purpose best.


Light Recce Rifle

Recce is an abbreviated word which means recon, and it mostly occurs in places that are not so exposed to light. Hence, you will have to infuse a light on the setup. You might want to go for one with a pulse switch, which is also a great choice. But if you want to go the extra mile, you could opt for a tested light such as the Surefire. It gives you great value for your money because it is a broken light that can accommodate a lot.


Slope Recce Rifle

Since ARs are becoming costly in the market, you shouldn’t expect to get one far below the cost of the rifle. For your rifle to work at its best capacity, you will need a scope that can work both in close and long distances. Generally, a scope of 1x to 6x is perfect. The scope on your rifle ensures a unique versatility for both near and far engagements.

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