The Best .22 Pistols/Firearms you Need to Know

22 Pistols

The .22 LR and .22 handguns are some of the oldest, most famous and recognized firearms that everyone wants to own guns would wish to have. In short, every gun owner needs to have at least one. Some of its features include a low recoil, concussion, and noise makes it attractive to users, especially new shooters.

Some of the best .22 pistol cartridges can be loaded into different types of firearms over the years. It has been said to have lasted for 159-years and recognized as being older than most of the firearms that shooters of these days have ever handled; and yet, it is popular and more useful than ever. They are been used today even more than when it was manufactured.

Its long rifle is common and at the same time, a cheap caliber. It is recommended as one of the best .22 pistols for training inexperienced shooters. The best .22 caliber pistol is also a good firearm to be used while hunting, during target shooting practice, or plinking, and at the same time, serve as a good weapon for self-defense. It is also a perfect option for anyone dealing with pests like snakes. They are easy to shoot and at the same time, enjoyable to use.

However, a .22 caliber firearm may be the best option for a physically challenged person who can’t handle the recoil of other kinds of firearms. Some other person might require something smaller when considering some factors that have to do with their lives. A .22 pistol is also good for them.

Hence, we must take a closer look at some of the best .22 magnum pistol/22 LR we consider as our all-time favorite.

Ruger SR22

Ruger SR22

Ruger became popular for their 10/22 carbine and Ruger Mark series of .22 LR firearms. This can be considered as a perfect firearm for EDC, owing to that its single stack magazine is slim and so simple, which made it portable and convenient to be carried around.

It has numerous features. Some of these unique features include the lightweight, as it weighs only 17.5 and it can be used for anything such as plinking, target shooting and can even be used for small game hunting. It can be recognized as one of the best .22 pistols for self-defense. It is easy for a field strip, fun to shoot, and can work reliably with a wide variety of other ammunition.

It has a control standard and gives whatever one can expect from a true and reliable handgun. The .22 firearm also has a frame that is safely mounted which makes it easier to be used than any other slide mounted frame. The trigger pull is made up of light double-action and crisp single-action. It has an external hammer which is designed with a rounded spur that makes it easy to be cocked and one of the best single-action shooting .22 pistols.

The SR22 firearm is made unique by its features (2 Magazine, 2 Finger Grip Extension Floorplates, 2 Interchangeable Rubberized Grips, and Gun Lock) which can make it a good option for most women and one of the best .22 magnum pistols for self-defense.

Ruger Mark IV

Ruger Mark IV

Sturm, Ruger & Co has announced an expansion of one of its popular products in the world firearm development; Ruger MK IV with the arrival of the Mk IV Tactical pistol. The firearm does not cease to be a revision of the original with the addition of a variety of features that have become synonymous with the term “tactical” in the world of the arms industry.

For those who are not familiar with the model, it is a Mk IV pistol in caliber .22 LR with a 4.4 “barrel and two 10-shot loaders. Of course, the Mk IV Tactical has the same button for the disassembly of the weapon that has made this design so famous.

The characteristics that catalog it, supposedly, as a tactical pistol are:

Threaded barrel: the barrel has threads for adding a sound suppressor or other device mouth. The attenuation of sound makes more sense if we see it as a habit in the recreational shooting of the US, although in this case, manufacturers take the opportunity to add the term “tactical”. In addition, it includes a thread protector.

Picatinny Rail: Both top and bottom of the firearm have a Picatinny lane. According to Ruger, they are added: ” to attach tactical accessories “. Presumably, the top rail allows to place an optic, while the space under the barrel could allow a light, or laser and sometimes both.

Finish: The gun is finished in “black oxide”, the typical color of tactical weapons.

Buyers will judge whether this tactical model of the MK IV will be worth it or if it is a simple marketing maneuver.

Where Ruger seems to have taken note is in the washing of the model’s image. Although the exit of the weapon was really promising, a few months ago Ruger reported a structural failure in some series of the pistol in which there were accidental shots when the insurance was not placed correctly. It seems that the storm has already passed for the Connecticut brand and there is an intention to forget everything with campaigns like the present one.

The Legendary Walther P22

The Legendary Walther P22

Walther P22 pistol, a pistol designed for initiation into the shot or even for recreational purposes. The Walther P22 pistols are 22-caliber replicas of the well-known P99, only their goal is to the comfort of the shooter. We recommend this gun for shooters who want to start in the world of the short gun, always considering the Walther quality and that the P22 is perfect to try accessories of all kinds.

The Walther P-22 is a sports version, smaller and caliber .22LR, of the ubiquitous P-99, police and military weapon in 9 m / m Parabellum that, since the mid-90s, has become a standard and main product of the firm. The objective of the P-22 is to offer an attractive product for informal shooting or “plinking”, usually in countries such as the United States, as well as sports shooters looking for a quality weapon at a competitive price. The P-22 compares favorably with other weapons of this type such as the SIG-Sauer Mosquito.

It is also an attractive option for users of the P-99 standard looking for an alternative to train saving ammunition.

The P-22 has a manual safety flap (which differentiates it from the P-99), and is 25% smaller in size, however in the rest of the characteristics it is the same thing and can save the same purpose as the original model.

Walther is one of the most renowned weapons manufacturers, having supplied military and police users with short and long weapons for more than a century. From this mark came the well-known PP and PPK, immortalized in the James Bond films, and the most recent P-99, one of the most widespread and regulatory police guns in the Mossos d’Esquadra.

The Walther P-22 is an exceptional reproduction of the original P-22, thanks to the fact that it is produced by the manufacturer of it. It is built in metal and polymer, with a metal charger for 7 shots in 9 m / m PAK. It offers the same handling and operation characteristics as the original gun, guaranteeing a superlative experience for the collector or user of this type of weapon.

In its outward appearance, the P22 reminds us of the P99. The main difference is its safe ambidextrous and the external hammer.

Browning buck mark

Browning buck mark

Gun for target shooting caliber .22 LR. A standard option of the brand for all those who wish to practice competitive shooting with complete peace of mind. It is a high-quality pistol designed for the North American and Canadian market that has special features such as the Ultragrip RX handle molded in an ambidextrous way to accommodate the fingers and obtain better control of the trigger.

Also remarkable is the Pro-Target sights included, whose rear is adjustable both up and drift and are removable. It has a bull-type steel barrel with pressed sides in a polished finish, which generates an attractive contrast with the rest of the weapon’s opaque peacocks. It also has a textured trigger of two stages with a short game, which has a golden finish.

A peculiar characteristic is the semiautomatic mechanism of double action, something not very common for these types of pistols but that is very pleasant for practices. It has a manual trigger lock and charger release button on the left side. It comes in a special ABS plastic box with handle, padlock holes, plastic clips and molded interior to store the gun and all its accessories.

It includes a special Regal lock to secure the weapon to a firm place, a single metal charger, the user manual, other documents and an envelope with the test caps fired together with the signature of the factory inspector that certifies the quality and functioning of the weapon.

Smith & Wesson SW22 victory

Smith & Wesson SW22 victory

The first thing that strikes us about the Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory is its stamp, like that of the Ruger Mark IV and the Browning Buck Mark. Although without giving up certain family airs, since its design and grips evoke the S & W 22A. It is a recreational shooting gun and initiation in caliber 22 lr, which does not renounce a sporting use thanks to its good precision and reliability.

It is a versatile weapon that will allow many new fans of sports shooting to make an easy approach to it. Also, as soon as we train with her, we will not have problems to go up to the second category in the standard modality and maintain it. The new SW22 Victory Pistol (Victory) is built in a single action and has a semi-automatic operation.

This weapon, which appeared in 2016, is a continuation of this US manufacturer’s bid to create its own segment of recreational weapons, inaugurated in 2009 with the M & P rifle 15-22. It is a weapon designed from scratch that obeys a modular approach as we will see when we talk about its ease of disassembly. But let’s start at the beginning, segmenting and analyzing the characteristics of its different elements.

The stainless-steel barrel, in a satin finish like the rest of the gun, is possibly the element that most visually attracts attention, due to its extreme contour of 0.865 “(21.97 mm) in diameter, length of 5.5” (140 mm) and heavy appearance. The appearance that corresponds to reality, but contrary to what might seem does not make the gun “bighead”, as it is perfectly balanced.

This cannon gives the pistol two important characteristics, first, accuracy, but also mitigates the already small recoil and relief characteristic of the docile caliber 22 lr. The pistol weighs 1020 grams altogether, in line with several models of Browning Buck Mark, but somewhat less than the Ruger Mark IV.


22 pistol conclusive

The uniqueness that made up the features of the .22 pistol includes a small recoil, minimal noise, and in general, easy shooting nature has made them one of the most popular firearms on the market. It is also one of the affordable firearms as well as a .22 caliber pistol that shines brightly.

The .22 LR firearm is a funny one for the shooters. It is also reliable, accurate and a good option to depend on for either survival and EDC. It can be said to be considered one of the best .22 pistols, and it is also the perfect first handgun, or the perfect tenth handgun, or the perfect hundredth handgun.

Therefore, a .22 firearm is an ammunition of all time that can give you what you want. It is for everybody, both male, female and even the physically challenged person.

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