Paroled Gang Member Kills Officer Responding to Traffic Accident

“They walked up on the vehicle believing the motorist was in need of medical help and then they ended up in a gunfight for their lives.”

Whittier, CA police officers Keith Lane Boyer and Patrick Hazel thought they were just responding to a normal traffic accident in a California suburb earlier this week. A motorist reported that he had been rear-ended, and pointed out the car to the two responding officers. Whittier CA Police Keith Kieth Lane Boyer

When the officers pull the heavily tattooed driver out of the other car and begin to pat him down for weapons, the suspect – who has not been named as of yet – pulled a semiautomatic handgun out of his waistband without warning and began shooting at the officers at close range. The officers, who were wearing issue body armor, engaged the suspect and wounded him, but not before the suspect hit both of the officers with pistol fire.

Officer Keith Lane Boyer was pronounced dead at the hospital; officer Patrick Hazel and the suspect are both in the hospital in stable condition, and expected to live.

Earlier in the day the suspect, who had recently been paroled, had shot and killed his cousin in Los Angeles, and had stolen the car that was involved in the traffic accident.

Read the evolving story here.

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