Break Into a Marine Vet’s Home? You’re Probably Gonna Die.

March 30, 2017 – Salt Lake City, UT: When Brian Sant, a Marine Corps veteran, heard the noise at the door around 3 am, he knew something was going on. The door to his third-floor apartment was kicked open, and two men wearing ski masks – one of them brandishing a two-foot-long section of steel pipe – burst into his home.

After yelling, “What the hell?” Sant jumped up and confronted the men immediately, starting a physical “scuffle”. Brian Sant’s adult son, who was in a bedroom asleep, awoke from the noise and came out of the room armed with a handgun. Seeing his father in an altercation with two armed intruders, he opened fire.

One of the intruders, 33-year-old Puleaga Danny Tupu, died at the scene. The other intruder is in the hospital listed under serious condition, but is expected to live.

According to the Brian Sant “doesn’t know why the intruders chose his apartment, but the veteran says they picked the wrong one. Sant said he and his two family members were not hurt during the invasion.

‘You got veterans living around in these apartments. You don’t know who’s got a gun,’ Sant said.”

Police stated that the now-deceased intruder Tupu had an extensive arrest record, and was currently wanted by the police on a $10,000 warrant.

Leave it to a Marine to charge headlong into a fight with armed intruders at 3 am …and kudos to his son for ending the fight and possibly saving a family member’s life.

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