Detroit Mother Fends Off Intruders With “Assault Rifle”

Woman with Assault Rifle

February 19th, 2014 – Detroit, MI: An older story, but still a good one – especially if you love your, uh… Hi-Points.

When three armed teenagers broke into a Detroit home, they were greeted with a warning and then a hail of gunfire from a mother sporting a Hi-Point 995 carbine.

While some may scoff at the homeliness of the Mansfield, OH-made short rifle, it worked wonders for the woman defending her home. When it comes to the weapon that you’re using to keep armed intruders from overpowering your family, sometimes ugly doesn’t matter.

Also of note: The Detroit Police chief mentioned in the article, James Craig, used to be the chief of a close-by city: Portland, ME. When he was chief of Portland, he was firmly anti-gun – but now, it seems he has changed his tune, with the article proclaiming that Mr. Craig is now supporting the role of armed citizens fighting crime.

Perhaps armed citizens are useful after all?

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