Police Called to Resolve Dispute at Taco Bell Over “Mild” and “Fire” Sauces


In a world of insane terrorist attacks, a never-ending war in Afghanistan, and a D.C. quagmire over healthcare, it is almost refreshing to see a simple altercation caused by good old fashioned stupidity.

There was plenty of idiocy on display when a over her preference of Taco Bell sauces. The disgruntled woman prompted Taco Bell employees to call South Euclid Police and intervene. Police quickly determined the woman was irritated her preferred condiment, ‘Mild’ sauce, was gone. Evidently, ‘Fire’ sauce was not a satisfactory replacement.

After holding up other customers in line, wasting police resources, and berating fast food employees, our moronic hero had the gall to demand a ‘half-price’ meal. Her request was denied and she left the restaurant.

Once again, the old adage ‘the customer is always right’, is proven wrong. As it turns out, morons are just that, morons. Hopefully this liability to humanity limits her impact on society to fast-food squabbles. Anything further would be a tragedy.

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