When Self-Defense Goes Too Far…Or Does It?

Self-Defense Gun

My morning over-coffee interwebs search brought this article from Bearing Arms to my screen. It opens with a raw, graphic video of what clearly appears to be the follow-up to a road rage incident.

The security camera film shows a man, identified as Salman Amar, pulling into a parking spot and starting to get out of his car. Another man, identified in the article as Munir Labouani, pulls in behind Amar, blocking Amar’s vehicular escape path. Labouani then goes to his trunk, and pulls out a club of some sort. He then proceeds to Amar’s car and starts hitting the vehicle, breaking glass and threatening Amar.

When another man comes from off-camera and distracts Labouani, Amar pulls a gun and shoots from inside the car, hitting Labouani and effectively stopping the fight as the third man tries to intercede.

However, it appears to me that Amar may have been amped up from the attack, or just stupid, because after he fires the first shot(s), he exits the car and keeps shooting Labouani, including what appears to be a “finishing shot” over the shoulder of the interceding man, apparently killing Labouani. It all happens very, very quickly.

As the article from Bearing Arms explains, once the threat is neutralized, your brain needs to override your balls and you need to stop shooting. Now, instead of self-defense charges, Amar is facing possible 2nd degree murder charges. It probably didn’t help that he fled the scene after the shooting.

If you carry a firearm in self-defense, this is an article you should read. A lot of shit can go down in the heat of the moment, and self-defense can go too far, intentional or not.

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