Kyle Lamb: Getting A Good Grip

Man and assault rifle

Thought I’d share this great article with you today. It’s by the renowned firearms instructor, Kyle Lamb.

Kyle Lamb (in case you haven’t heard of him) spent 21 years in the US Army, over 15 of which were with the US Army Special Operations. SGM (retired) Lamb served in combat tours in Mogadishu, Somalia, Iraq (Desert Storm as well as current operations), and Bosnia.

He is also the founder of and a noted author. So he knows a thing or two about how to run a gun.

This article comes to you from Guns & Ammo magazine, and breaks down the anatomy of the modern thumbs-forward combat grip. I converted to this grip myself several years ago, and while I can’t say that it definitively pulled my scores in at the range, it definitely helps mitigate recoil and naturally point the handgun smoothly. Mr. Lamb dives into the mechanics of a good combat grip, and tells you WHY it works. Head to the link below and read up.

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