A Few Navigation Tips for Hunters – Part 2

A lot of hunters do not want to use GPS for the simple reason that they are not very techie. If you want to improve your chances of hunting properly, you need to use something to help you navigate different areas.

The type of gadget that you will use to navigate will make a huge difference. There are times when you would need the right gadget when you cannot find your way in a large area. You may also feel a bit lost at night because your sense of sight is not as good as it used to be.

What if you would like to rely on your natural skills to navigate? You may want to know some hunting tips to help you navigate better.

Do Some Scouting

This is the best thing that you can do when you are checking a property that you are unfamiliar with. You may still need to use your chosen gadget for this. Make some spots using your device then start walking. You will get the details that you are searching for after. Doing this will be ideal because of the following:

  •  Your gadget will let you know if you have already circled that area.
  •  You will also have a clearer view of how the area looks like.

You will find it easier to find the right spots where you are going to place your needed equipment for hunting.

Hang Some Stands

There will be moments when you would be walking around. Then you will realize that you still do not know where you should start hunting. Hanging stands will require you to look for the right trees.

If you would be placing the information on the gadget, place some details. This will help avoid some confusion especially when you go back to the area. As you continue to look for the right trees, the time will come when you would have different wood stands placed around the area.

The navigation tool that you will use will allow you to look for the stands no matter what time of the day it is. Once you are done using these stands, you can remove them. If you go back to the same area next time, the locations of these stands will still be recorded on your device.

Follow a Trail of Blood

This may sound weird for people who have never done hunting before. If you have always tried to hunt, you know that this is normal. In the ideal scenario, the moment that you aim and fire at the deer or any other animal that you are hunting, it will go down. It does not happen this way most of the time.

Since not everyone is good at using guns, the chances that the animal will go down immediately is slim. Some animals would need to be followed and will try to run away from you. If you are trying to follow the animal in the dark, you may need to base your movement on the trail of blood that will be left behind.

The chances that you are going to lose the animal are also pretty big. Yet, knowing the trail of blood will give you an idea of where the animals may be staying. You can input this data into your device again. It will make looking for the right spot to hunt easier.

If the hit turns out to be fatal, following the trail of blood will help you find the animal. Once you locate it, you can carry it with you. Do not forget to mark this on your gadget as this will make a lot of difference.

Try Not to Get Lost

Ideally, people who are going around in hunting areas will not get lost. People know that most hunters do get lost especially if it is their first time in the area. You may want to pick up some clues about where you are. Take note of the following:

  •  Some of the noises that you may hear in the area. Is it near some traffic? Perhaps there are some animals that are unique to the area.
  •  Look for some sights that are familiar.
  •  You may want to leave some marks so that navigation will be easier.

Having the right GPS device will at least give you the chance to not get lost. You will be directed in the right direction. This can be helpful when you feel like you are going around in circles.

If you want something more old school, you can use a compass. This will let you know which direction you have to take. A compass will not require batteries too. This makes it ideal when the battery of your device starts to run out.