How to choose between night vision or thermal optics for hunting

We think you will agree that any limits you set yourself are a sign of weakness. To think out of the box, today is a necessity to enjoy life and explore new horizons. This is true for almost every area of ​​our life, especially for those who receive a new impetus for development every day, thanks to the rapid leap in modern technology.

For example, if hunting is an important part of your life, without which you cannot imagine your existence, then you can absolutely not worry about the time of day, weather conditions, and the season. Competent purchases can easily solve all these problems.

So, if you are ready to go hunting at night, nothing will stop you like nocturnal predators. It remains only to choose what will become your eyes. And we will be happy to help you with this.

Night vision

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a night hunting or military operation is night vision devices. These are exactly the devices familiar to us from video games and action films with their legendary green glow.

Complex and technological work principles have become available today, and it is not a problem to buy them. But, first, let’s figure out how these devices work and whether you need them.

Night vision technology is essentially a copy of a cat’s eyes. Just like the eyes of these predators, the device accumulates light, amplifies it many times over. The result is a visualization of the location at which the gaze is directed. Due to the results of engineering inventions, modern devices do the same.

You direct the device to the point of interest. Using weak light signals from the moon, from infrared illumination, transmits an image for processing. Processing amplifies light many times over and converts it to a black and white image. After that, usually, it is processed and exported in green color, in which the observer sees it.

Why green? Because this display mode requires less power and your eye can see up to 400 shades of green. Although this is not true for all equipment types, some models have a black and white image since it is believed that it gives the best contrast.

Thermal optics

Thermal vision technology gives us another opportunity to navigate in the dark. It is built on completely different principles, in contrast to night vision devices. The bottom line is that such devices do not need any light, as they take readings of thermal signatures. As a result, you get a contrasting picture with a contrasting color range that displays objects with temperatures above absolute zero.

A significant advantage is that thermal imagers can operate in complete darkness. Moreover, they give excellent results in difficult weather conditions. Snowstorm, fog, storm rain – nothing will prevent you from observing.

Thermal imagers are multifunctional and informative devices. They will definitely give you the edge when hunting at night and provide an incredible experience. An additional advantage is that heat visors are actively used to solve everyday problems.

Night-hunting optics

Your decision to equip yourself for night hunting is a big step and an amazing opportunity. You will definitely get a lot of new, unforgettable impressions. And for these impressions to be extremely positive, we advise you to approach the device’s choice very carefully and carefully.

You will not only have to decide between night vision devices and thermal imagers (although we insist that it is better to have both types of devices in your arsenal). You have to think about the exact form in which the device will achieve. Manufacturers today offer many variations – from scopes for weapons to goggles and monoculars.

Of course, you will have hours of exciting searches and studies, but believe me, the result is worth it. And when you pick up the device you need, your impressions will be incomparable with anything.