How to Choose the Right Mounting Optics

There are a lot of mounting scope systems that you can find right now. There are some that you can find online. Some can be found in actual stores. Can you imagine going to a store and feeling overwhelmed by everything? When you see all of the systems placed together, it can make you feel a bit anxious.

You may want to remember the following things:

  •  The dimensions of your scope will be important when you are making the right choice.
  •  Your intentions will also help you find the right scope.
  •  Become more familiar with the different rings and bases so that you will know which ones to get.

Why You Need the Right Mounting Optics

Rifle shooting is bound to be easier if you have the right optic. What if you do not have the right optic then? This is the time when issues may begin. It can be problematic to try to align different things but when you have the right optic, all of the items are aligned in one visual plane.

Using good optics will help you use your rifle properly. Take note that this will only happen when you mount it correctly. When you do not have the right items or you have not placed them properly, it won’t be effective.

Aspects You Should Think About When Looking for Mounting Optics

To make everything less overwhelming for you, you need to know the different factors that will affect your choices.

Choosing Fixed or Detachable Systems

You can already guess what they can do based on their names. When you choose a fixed system, this is something that will be on your rifle for good. Whenever you need to remove it, you need to have the right tools in order to remove it.

A detachable scope, on the other hand, will allow you to remove a scope from your gun if the optic is not working. This can be ideal when you are going to use the same scope in two different rifles. Take note that some people choose detachable scopes because they have removable rings.

Some detachable systems will come with their own tools that you can use to remove the system from the rifle. Some do not need tools anymore. You should also consider this when making the best choice.

One-Piece or Two-Piece Bases

Some people would choose one-piece bases because they would be able to withstand recoil better. The only problem that people may have is they may cause some issues when trying to load or unload your rifle. This will also interfere with your main access to the chamber.

There are different bases that are available such as the following:

  •  Dovetail bases – This will have a cutout that is oval-shaped that is placed at the bottom of the ring.
  •  Windage-adjustable bases – This is the type of base that will be placed on the rear area of the base.

There are some people who would choose the bases based on the type of brand that they want. For example, there are some bases that are already integrated into the scopes when you purchase them.

Picking the Right Rings

The rings are normally used in order to match the base that you are going to pick. Take note that some rings will split horizontally. Other rings will split vertically. Between the two, rings that will split horizontally can be installed easier. This is one thing that you have to think about especially if you are going to do the installation on your own.

There are other things that you have to remember:

  •  The rings will come in different sizes. Choose the diameter that will work best for you.
  •  You also need to consider the height when choosing the right rings.
  •  Position your aiming eye with the ocular lens.

You need to make sure that the rings are positioned correctly. If not the purpose of the optics cannot be felt anymore.

Making the Best Choice

It will always be easy to take a look at the different optic systems that are available. Yet, you need to do proper research to make the best choice. There will be different recommendations online. You may also find some recommendations from the people that you know.

Consider all of the things that they have stated about the different optics. Do your own research so that you can make the best choice. Be sure to order optic mounts that are compatible with the different rifles that you have. There are also charts that are available online that will help you further.