How to choose the scope mount

There are thousands of endless arguments in our life. Fundamental questions to which we have not found answers, and we are unlikely ever to find them. Starting from global disputes about the universe, for example, “which was first, chicken or egg.” And ending with everyday thoughts about which cereals are better, whether the steak should be well-done, whether it is ok to add mayonnaise to the burger (no, it is totally not ok), is necessary to cut the crusts from the sandwich, and what color is that dress.

Let’s be frank: humanity has been struggling with these issues for more than a dozen years. And, the quantity of such debatable statements only increases from year to year. You can imagine that if such social arousal is caused by ordinary things that have absolutely no practical application in global life, then more serious questions can drive you crazy.

Especially if we are talking about weapons, everything related to weapons has no trifles or unimportant nuances. Weapons, equipment, ammunition, even products with which you go hunting or on a military operation – these are all those things on which not only the success of your actions depends, but, possibly, your life.

And the topic that we want to discuss today, in this context, is of fundamental importance. It touches directly to your rifle, your eyes, and your instincts.

If you’ve been wondering how to choose the best scope for your weapon, then you’ve probably seen thousands of articles on the internet about it. We ourselves gave a lot of advice on this matter. After all, it is needless to say how important this piece of equipment is.

If you thought that the hours spent on selecting the perfect scope in terms of quality and price were the most difficult thing, you are mistaken. Now that the coveted sight is in your hands, you have to start all over again. But, now the question awaits you – how to choose the scope mount. And this is a difficult task because the debate over which of the two main fastening options, correct and reliable, does not stop and will never stop. Let’s take a closer look at these options.

One piece scope mounts

One Piece scope mounts have several advantages that allow fans to claim that this is the best choice for you. This option is especially successful when used with some types of weapons, especially the AR 15.

This mount increases the height of the scope, expanding the area for mounting equipment in the desired and convenient position. Adjusting the front-to-back position is also simplified.

The structure on which the scope is mounted is stronger and more rigid. Because of this, its weight also increases. If you don’t feel the weight gain on a large and powerful rifle, this can be a problem when using light weapons. Due to the change in balance, you may experience discomfort and develop your aiming skills again.

The consensus is that One Piece is an excellent choice when firing powerful and heavy rifles. Given their range, the heavy sight will gain in ergonomics. Even because it’s positioning relative to the barrel will be much easier, the installation of long scopes will become intuitive.

But, the weight gain is not the only drawback of One Piece mounts. When choosing this option, there may be problems with the camera clearance of rifles with a shutter. Besides, the loading of individual cartridges can be difficult.

The most important factor to keep in mind is the holes drilled for mounting the optics. If the holes are not aligned, an excessive load is created on the weapon’s receiver, and vertical stringing on targets will occur.

Monoblock mount is an excellent choice for tactical rifles and specific trap-shooting weapons, with a sliding bolt. In the end, if you are not confused by the shortcomings, you will get a little more from the operation of the gun with this type of mount, although it will cost you a little more.

Two piece scope rings

Even though many experts perceive the option of attaching two-piece scope rings as amateurs’ choice, you should not treat them lightly. Sure, they’re not as trendy as One Piece, but they are practical, lightweight, and offer their own benefits.

The two-piece sight rings are significantly lighter than the alternative. They are ideal for light weapons and are the optimal choice for hunters who use carbines or light rifles. Two-piece sight rings provide all conditions for access to the bolt action rifle chamber, which is an added benefit for hunters.

The two-piece scope mounts are much easier to align and have a lower position for mounting optics. Also, this mounting option is more affordable and cheaper.

The advantages do not end there because two-piece scope rings can be interchanged without problems, which cannot be said about solid mountings. And, in general, if the use of weapons is not related to tactical or military actions, for sure two-piece scope rings are your best choice.

It is not enough to research and buy the perfect scope for your rifle, as you already understood. This is a multi-step process, and there are a few more points to consider. This includes how to attach the scope to your rifle.

Regardless, the main component of the weapon is the shooter. It is the shooter who has to set up and provide himself with the right tool. To do this, of course, it is worth listening to friends’ opinions, reading forums and articles, but, all the same, the decision should be made based on your own experience and personal preferences. In this case, your results will exceed all expectations, and you will only have yourself to blame for mistakes.

The main thing to remember is that your decisions should be the result of correct assessment and analysis. Resist the “experts” pressure – provide yourself with equipment and equipment that suits your needs, is comfortable and enjoyable. After all, this is the most important thing!