What Is The Best Time To Hunt Coyote?

The only thing worse than a coyote is an educated coyote.

Most newbie hunters accidentally provide coyotes the info they need to remain resilient. But with an ever-growing coyote population, we need to keep gunning them down.

Coyotes exhibit a superior level of intelligence when they sense any threat, making them hard to spot.

In the US, killing coyotes is legal in most states and allowed throughout seasons. But that doesn’t mean every time is ideal to get coyotes, even if you’re very experienced.

In this guide, we’ll be shedding more light on when the best time is to hunt coyotes. With this information, downing more coyotes at the right time could be less-hassling.

Variables to Consider When Hunting Coyote

Where coyotes are:

Areas where game birds are more common are ideal locations for coyotes to lurk. Marshes, creeks, and other wetlands are ideal locations for coyotes. They naturally go where their food is.


Cooler temperatures tend to bring out more coyotes. Most coyotes will brave open territory when its within 15°F – 60°F. Higher temperatures make them much harder to spot. 

Atmospheric pressure:

When atmospheric pressure takes a bump, it becomes easier to get coyotes in your sights. But check out if your atmospheric pressure and wind strength match before setting up your gear. Strong winds could bring all your plans to ruin, so be careful.

Wind strength and direction:

The wind direction could blow your scent right to where coyotes are gathered. Once they sense a foreign smell nearby, they tend to prefer skedaddling to checking out who’s there.

Consider being downwind from where your coyotes are located. That way, they can’t catch your scent easy.

And wind gust is another essential factor to consider. Anything in excess of 10mph could ruin your hunt. So, make sure your wind strength is within 0 – 9mph.

Likelihood of animal movement:

Most hunters believe J. A. Knight’s century-old theory of the moon affecting animal movements. And several hunters still use it till this day.

Best Time To Hunt Coyote

Time of Year

Coyotes are hunt-able through most parts of the year, but winter seems to be a better time than others are. These dogs will brave out more in winter months in search of food, shifting from their nocturnal nature.

Also, coyotes like traveling in larger numbers when the climate gets a lot colder. So, if you’re planning a better time to gun down more coyotes, winter could be it.

Time of Day

Coyotes prefer hunting at night and when the sun’s not up yet. Most coyotes search for their next meal when it’s highly likely that their prey will be off-guard and maybe asleep.

So, dusk to dawn is an ideal time for hunting coyotes. And it’s no wonder most pro hunters will advise you scout during the day up until when it’s getting dark.

Also, expect coyotes to come out of cover more during the day when it’s wintertime. Winter makes searching for food harder for coyotes, and they tend to get more desperate.

The Weather

Cool and calm weather are ideal for hunting coyotes. And there’s a consensus among pro hunters that coyotes come out of cover more when it’s foggy and hazy.

Most coyotes tend to be more active during colder periods, increasing your chances of multiple kills.

Final Word

As we’ve noted earlier, coyotes are plenty smart when it comes to learning how to evade danger. But that doesn’t mean educated coyotes can’t be trapped or killed. You just need to master the right approach towards blowing their cover, giving you a better chance.

Leverage what this guide provides, and you’re sure to have a bigger coyote haul in no time!