White or green – have you made a choice yet?

Money in our world does not solve everything, even though many people think otherwise. However, this statement is easy to confirm with the example of specific and expensive activities, such as hunting.

Anyone who hunts this way of life will attest that this is a costly activity. Of course, you can track wild animals with a homemade bow and spear, but we are still talking about modern scientific advances. It is they that allow a person to equalize the chances with animals that are in their natural habitat. If you go into the forest at night armed only with a knife, you will have a very unsafe pastime with a bad result. But, if you are properly equipped and have a night vision device, then your chances against wildlife will be at least equal. And this is not questioned.

But what is being questioned is that you cannot assemble a complete set of equipment at a normal price. Many people think that you have to spend a lot of money, and nothing else. For example, if you buy a night vision device, it must be a device worth several thousand dollars. But today, we will prove that money does not solve everything, and the main thing is a competent and correct approach when choosing a device.

The similarities and differences

Night vision devices themselves are sophisticated and high-tech devices. Due to the peculiarities of their functioning, they cannot be cheap. But, if you, without understanding the nuances, begin to listen to some advice, then get ready to mortgage your house to acquire this amazing device for yourself.

For example, there are many opinions about the color of the device image. Supporters of the ordinary and familiar to us from films and video games, the mysterious green glow versus advanced adepts of black and white images. The latter argue that a high-quality night vision device can be exclusively black and white because it gives a high contrast. Also, a hunter who must catch the smallest movement and distinguish the smallest details during observation will hunt productively only with such an image. And the decisive argument usually becomes that this is the technology used by special operations forces. And they definitely know a lot about night vision devices.

It makes no sense to argue with these statements because they are true and true. But, you should study the situation fully.

The green backlit hardware is designed for a purpose. The human eye can distinguish up to 400 shades of green. Therefore, at night, in a solid color, you can notice a huge amount of detail. Also, when choosing such a scale, the device consumes much less energy. This is very important for autonomous operation, especially during long journeys over long distances.

And again, we go back to the price. The fact is that we get white light from the image processing technology using white phosphor. This is an expensive product, and it became available to the wide market only with the 4th generation. Accordingly, you will get a high-quality device for huge money.

Besides, it should be understood that regardless of the result of the processed image and its color, the global night vision technology does not change. Regardless of how much you pay, you still get a night vision goggle with all its pros and cons.

And the main question that will remain on the bottom is whether it is worth paying more and how to balance reasonable requirements with a pricing policy. If you successfully find the right answer, you will get a device that will delight you for a long time, provided it is used correctly.

Colorized night vision

We could not help but recall the freshest and most intriguing technology – colorized night vision for complete objectivity. It seems fantastic and looks like science fiction, but today there are functioning prototypes of night vision devices that transmit a picture in full color to the operator.

How is this possible? To begin with, this equipment amplifies the light signal by an incredible 85,000 times the object’s primary brightness. Revolutionary image processing techniques allow you to distinguish the color of objects. Of course, this is an incredible breakthrough for the military industry because the military has long complained about the lack of depth and volume of objects when viewed with conventional night vision devices. But how accessible it will be for ordinary users and how much they need it is still an open question.

If you hunt tigers in dense thickets – you definitely need such a device. After all, their colors merge with the surroundings in a monochrome image. But, what prevents you from combining night vision devices and thermal imaging devices? It will be much cheaper and more practical.

We are glad that science is developing rapidly and is looking forward to the appearance of new devices for the mass market. But, always approach spending with calculation and intelligence. After all, the money saved only enhances the pleasure of the purchase.