Winter Hog Tips and Tricks for Your Next Hunting Trip – Part 2

Your chances of getting a deer are now just a memory. It is possible that you were able to do it or you missed your chance entirely. The pandemic has changed the way that people move. Moving around is now a bit more limited. Still, this does not mean that you have no time to prepare for the next hunting season. What are you going to hunt next, you may ask. You definitely need to start hunting some winter hogs.

Why Hunt for Winter Hogs?

There are different animals that are available but why is it that people seem to look for winter hogs more? The answer to this is easy: there seems to be an endless supply of it. A lot of the places where you can haunt them are open at different times of the year. You just need to know where to go and hunting will be fun and exciting for you.

Do Not Just Focus on Nighttime Hunting

It can be fun to hunt at night. Some people feel that they are “real” hunters once they start doing this. When it comes to hunting winter hogs, you can hunt anytime that you want.

You can still hunt for winter hogs at night but you also need to keep track of their whereabouts during the daytime. You need to know where they currently stay. This way, you can plan where you are going to be at night. One thing that you should remember is this: they are more likely to be seen during the wintertime because of their hunt for food.

Learn More About their Food Sources

Knowing their food sources will give you an idea of where they are going to go. Hogs normally love to eat so they would always be looking for the right spots. One thing that people do is to make it easier for the hogs to gather food.

This means that they would uproot the items that hogs need. Hogs are naturally lazy and will be more likely to return to areas where food is easy to acquire. Just make sure that it is legal to place hog bait before doing this. Otherwise, it may become a problem.

Take Videos of the Hogs

You may think that this is weird. Yet, you have to know that there will be times when they will be hard to track. Having videos will give you an idea of where you can normally see them.

Using a trail camera will allow you to know more about their patterns. This will help you know where you can set up your equipment to get the best winter hog in the area.

It can be tempting to check out the cameras often but you might leave your scent behind when you do this. Make sure that you will not contaminate the area when you start hunting. As long as the hogs will not pick up your scent, then you are safe.

Get to Know How to Spot and Stalk

You need to know that winter hogs love being in bushy areas. During winter, these areas may not exactly be available. It’s easier to do a spot and stalk when you know the right areas where the hogs are going to hide. What does this mean? This means that you cannot just go into the area and expect to find hogs.

There will be times when you need to check different areas first before you find the right hogs to stalk. Do not wait for the hogs to go and look for you. You will always get the chance to look for them first.

Look for the Parallels Between Deer Hunting and Hog Hunting

The more that you know about deer hunting and hog hunting, the easier it will be to hunt. One thing to take note of is that the weather will affect how effective the hunting is going to be. You need to know when it will be particularly cold out. The more that you keep track of the weather and the activities of the hogs during the winter, the better.

It will be great if you would look for sudden weather changes. This means that there is a higher chance of catching hogs at this time. If there is an incoming snowstorm, expect that they are going to be active too.


Do you think that you are ready to start hog hunting? With all of these tips and tricks, finding the right hogs will definitely be possible. Make sure to have the right gear. The right equipment will increase the chance of hunting properly.